Praise for Concord emergency health care

April 20, 2024

On January 14, I found myself momentarily suspended in midair, awaiting the inexorable law of gravity to deliver its unavoidable consequence. I had slipped on a wet spot of my own making in the kitchen of my partner and dear friend while assisting in post-dinner clean up.

So downward I plunged. During my flight, I concluded the best strategy would be to lessen the impending impact by extending my arm to function as a shock absorber. Bad decision! Upon touchdown, the force of the blow completely dislocated my left shoulder, leaving my arm uselessly flopped on the floor. My partner acted immediately, instructing me not to move while calling 911, activating Concord’s emergency services, for which I will be ever grateful.

The EMTs who arrived on the scene performed admirably, issuing instructions to me in a calm and reassuring way. They effectively secured my arm for transport to Emerson Hospital and soon I was in the emergency room where the doctor on duty rapidly sized up my situation. A few moments later, and a few epithets having escaped my lips, my doctor had adroitly maneuvered the wayward appendage back into its proper location. Within a short time, my ailing limb was secured and I was on my way home with clear instructions as to future treatment.

My lifelong career focused on risk management, as a consultant to the National League of Cities and other public entities. A major objective of NLC is to develop and promote excellence in local government administration. Based upon my very positive experience, I am of the opinion that Concord’s emergency services have attained that level of excellence. Thank you, Concord!

George G. Tooker

South Street, Wrentham