An open letter to the Concord School Committee

May 9, 2024

We believe diversity makes organizations stronger. We believe diversity adds breadth and depth to the culture of an organization, and we embrace diversity in our careers. We believe Ellen Garrison led an exemplary life, and Concordians should be proud of her accomplishments.

We also believe in strong values, respect, and good governance. The Concord School Committee made a decision on naming of our new middle school with due diligence, an open and transparent process, and in good faith. In our opinion, the Concord DEI committee is giving diversity initiatives a bad name by demonstrating no respect for duly elected school committee members and refusing to accept a decision with which they disagree. The actions and words of the Concord DEI Committee can be classified as disruptive to town governance. 

There is no right or wrong in the Concord Middle School naming discussion. Ellen Garrison was a terrific American and Concordian. The Concord School Committee named our new school Concord Middle School.

We look forward to seeing our grandchildren attend Concord Middle School and read about the life and accomplishments of Ellen Garrison.

Time to move on.

Bill Healy MD
Angela Healy MD
Belknap Street