Concord Bridge CEO Maile Hulihan on helping us bridge the gap

May 26, 2024

Dear Reader,

 As the annual referendum on governance issues, Town Meeting is one of the highlights of our coverage. 

This year we sent a team of reporters and photographers who fed stories and images back to editors to share on our website’s liveblog. We covered and streamed all three nights of debate in real time while crafting in-depth coverage for the print edition. We, too, experienced the frustrating lack of cell service that forced one of our reporters out into the parking lot, where she called in to dictate her story on deadline

We had 900 to 1,500 residents following along on our liveblog each night, so we were glad to bring a cohesive sense of the proceedings to folks at home; we added links to previous stories on the issues to give voters added enlightening context. 

One of my favorite moments was when we posted a screenshot of the proposed multi-family zoning districts moments after resident Mari Weinberg went to the microphone to object that the zoning map was shown too briefly for meeting goers.

Voters at a session of 2024 Town Meeting. Photo by Ken McGagh for The Concord Bridge

Elevating our coverage…

In the last two months, we’ve made major strides to enhance the breadth and depth of reporting vital to Concordians in our print editions and present breaking news in our digital format.

In early April, following our presentation of the lead-up to the town election and candidate profiles, we gave you comprehensive breaking news on the outcome

Voter turnout notably exceeded the number of Concordians who showed up in other recent cycles. We hope the Bridge helped educate and inform in a way that encouraged residents to participate in a robust, healthy democratic process. 

Mid-month, we launched our year-long team Countdown to 250 project with a four-page special print section spotlighting how the semiquincentennial will involve and affect Concordians. More recently, we moved those stories online.

We will continue and expand that independent, searching coverage of the revolution’s milestone anniversary for those who call Concord not a tourist destination, but home. 

Illustration by Peter Farago

… with your help

 Yes, this kind of quality journalism costs money. Bringing the newspaper out of startup mode to become a stable, lasting entity requires a bigger budget. We hope you agree that knowing what’s happening in your community is essential and that you’ll support our endeavor. 

Please give as generously as you can by donating through our website or sending us a check at 56C Winthrop St., Concord, MA 07142. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you. On June 8, please stop by our table at the Democracy Festival on the grounds of First Parish from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We are grateful for your support.

Kind Regards,