‘Bigoted commentary’ at meeting was offensive, un-Concordian

June 21, 2024

It was with disappointment and concern that I contemplated the derogatory commentary personally directed at the METCO School Committee representative, Ayesha Lawton.

Ayesha admits to over 20 years of treasuring her Concord ties and I confess to almost a whole lifetime cherishing what I know to be the true spirit of Concord. I hope Ayesha’s faith in our community will not be shaken by the cheap stone of prejudice thrown in a purposeful attempt to shape a legitimate debate about naming the Concord middle school. 

“Oreo” is a selfish slur to deny a person of color the freedom to make decisions on their own initiative and intellect. It, or similar invective, is hurled in all too many cases when an issue has ethnic or racial aspects to it. In essence it is a denial of freedom, the freedom to think outside the channels of race or ethnic implications, when in fact those implications are negligible or even non-existent. Such a slur is a tool to suggest shame when in fact an earnest and honest thought is offered.

I applaud that Ayesha serves the School Committee as the METCO representative and regret the indignity she suffered from another person of color. 

In addition I am embarrassed that such offensive bigoted commentary was made in a Concord public school building, in an arena where such a mindset is 100 percent alien to our community. 

Harold Nichols

Bristers Hill Road