Seeking more answers on 2229 Main Street Superfund site

June 21, 2024

Regarding the 2229 Main Street Superfund site, a letter to the editor in the June 14, 2024 edition of The Concord Bridge from Nancy James warns of possible serious insurance issues, or, worse yet, an inability to insure altogether, if the town acquires the property. This is presumably because the insurance market would be concerned about the potential liability of the town as the owner of the property, even though the Town obviously did nothing to cause the pollution. 

However, in an article in the same edition of the Bridge, Task Force Chair Paul Boehm is quoted as saying that Concord would not be liable for consequences of pollution from historic operations on the site. 

Both of these individuals are experts in their respective fields but I don’t see how their opinions can be reconciled. I am hoping that further clarification on this important issue can be provided.

Sam Nagler

Kenney Lane