Cloudy, gray skies spared Saturday’s vibrant march. The rain came later, canceling a concert at Rideout Park. Photo by Maia Kennedy Photography

Concord Pridefest in pictures

Cloudy skies didn’t mute the music — or the smiles — of Concord’s colorful celebration of its first-ever formal Pridefest flag-raising and march on Saturday.

Here’s a glimpse of the early festivities… before rain ultimately did end the day early.

Photos by Maia Kennedy Photography

Marcia Macres, Concord Firefighter Tim O’Malley, Assistant Fire Chief Brian Whitney, and First Parish Minister Amy Freedman hold the Pride flag before it’s raised.
The flying of the rainbow banner drew a rapt crowd to Concord Center.
Pridefest marchers step off in Concord Center.
Concord Police Officer Leah Olansky flashes a smile as she stops traffic to let marchers pass safely.
Laura Davis smiles as son Emory flashes the thumbs up ahead of the march.
Friends Charlotte Hyland and Leanne Bateman sent (and wore) messages of peace and love at Concord’s first-ever Pride Fest.
A Pride marcher smiles to beat the band on Main Street.
Cloudy, gray skies spared the vibrant march. Rain later scrubbed a planned Rideout Park concert.
Why march when you can hitch a rainbow ride?
A flower-crowned performer at the start of the inaugural Concord Pride festivities.
A group gathers to hear speakers at First Parish ahead of the Pride march.
Steve Bermundo, designer of the Concord Pride t-shirt.