Concord is inclusive, but DEI is dividing it 

June 28, 2024

Since the formation of the DEI Committee, Concord is more divided. The DEI officers promote unrelenting activism and wouldn’t accept the elected School Committee vote for the name of the middle school “Concord Middle School.”  During the public hearing period, the committee received emails including 160 in support of Concord Middle school and 94 for Ellen Garrison.  

Concord-Carlisle student representatives to the School Committee voted 69.4% for Concord Middle School. The activists have written letters insinuating and blatantly accusing the School Committee of racism.    

A Black Latina was called a racial slur May 21, after the victim advocated the name “Concord Middle School.” The victim said she was “intimidated, hurt, humiliated.” The DEI officers and their aggressive activist behavior has a precedent of manipulation. There needs to be a change. 

The next issue for the DEI Committee is Pride. They have already formed a sub-committee, initiating aggressive efforts to raise the Pride flag at Monument Square. The false narrative is that the Pride flag won’t hurt or offend anybody and means so much to the LGBTQIA2S+ community to feel welcome. This is a false narrative and we shouldn’t allow a small segment of activists to bully and coerce the town into their demands. The Pride flag and what it symbolizes has migrated from its origin in 1978 thru the 80s. 

Concord is inclusive, loving, compassionate, and welcoming. What is debatable are issues such as drag queens and their role engaging with children, the trans movement and the many complexities within, athletics and the rights and fairness of biological females among other issues. The Pride flag and what it symbolizes is very different in 2024 and offensive to some, and this alone should be disqualifying. The American Flag is the most unifying flag. 

William Wright 

Thoreau Street