Teacher thirsting for Concord’s first smoothie shop

June 28, 2024

Concord boasts an abundance of food options, but I crave something that’s missing: an outstanding smoothie shop. Do we have bigger concerns in a town where bears wander the streets at night while we lament a missed opportunity to honor Concord’s own educator and abolitionist superhero? Absolutely. But alas, as a Concord Public School educator on summer break, my mind is admittedly on smoothies.

To clarify, I have no intention of diverting business from the local spots frequented by our high schoolers after school hours — they are, after all, among the clientele in mind. However, the launch of a smoothie shop offers students the chance to augment their donut snack with a delicious smoothie brimming with the potential to meet their daily nutritional needs. A parent’s tireless quest to encourage their child to ‘taste the rainbow’ — through smoothies chock full of fruits and veggies, not Skittles — could spell success for a savvy shop owner.

And what about those tireless — or just plain tired — parents? Smoothies offer the perfect grab-and-go solution when we’re between soccer and gymnastics practice and crave something other than a half-eaten sun nut butter sandwich. Gosh darn it, we deserve better!

In a time of year when I seek emotional balance, nothing calls to me quite like the allure of a local smoothie shop. Amidst the newly minted hustle and bustle of camps and summer routines, there’s a longing for a haven where wholesome ingredients come together in revitalizing blends that delight the taste buds and reinvigorate the spirit of this smoothie-loving teacher mom. 

Shall we rendezvous there?

Katie Carr

Martin Road