Don’t waste your vote

November 2, 2022

In Georgia, voting lines were so long in recent years that people were delivering water to those waiting — at least until the state made it illegal to help them.

Georgia voters, thus far, have been undaunted, setting records for early voting this election cycle.

In Arizona, masked and armed persons in tactical gear stood watch over a ballot drop box to intimidate voters.

Arizona voters are still coming.

Here in Concord, poll workers often know the people in their precincts by name. The major restriction involves not campaigning within 300 feet of the polls.

Your vote has importance. Don’t waste it.

Early voting has been brisk — but the question is, will everyone cast their ballots by the end of Nov. 8?

While the Massachusetts vote is not expected to have a significant impact on the midterm elections at the Congressional level, there will be significant turnover at the state level. With Gov. Charlie Baker not seeking re-election, current Attorney General Maura Healey is facing off against Republican Geoff Diehl, leaving the attorney general seat a race between Democrat Andrea Campbell and Republican James McMahon.

There are also four ballot questions:

Question 1: Amends the state constitution to allow an additional tax on income over $1 million.

Question 2: Regulates dental insurance rates.

Question 3: Expands the number of retail liquor licenses.

Question 4: Regulates the eligibility for driver’s licenses for state residents who have not legally immigrated to the country.

Your vote has importance. Don’t waste it.