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Update: The new deadline for calendar listing submissions is the Wednesday prior to the following week’s edition.

The Concord Bridge calendar primarily includes listings for non-profit and public organizations and events. We generally do not run listings for out of town events without a clear Concord connection, or for events sponsored by for-profit private schools or businesses.

Please make sure your calendar submission clearly provides the following information:

Date, time, location, registration/RSVP requirements, ticket cost or fee (if any), and a brief description of your event. Missing information may delay or prevent publication of your listing. If you are sending a general news release, please summarize these points at the top of your email.

Here is an example of a standard calendar description. Please note the style, length, and details:

A sing-along performance by the Music Makes Me Happy Chorus, a local non-profit group for adults with special needs. Presented in collaboration with Beyond the Notes. Suitable for all ages. Free admission; suggested donation, $20.