Warrant article for special Town Meeting on Jan. 19
January 11, 2023

ARTICLE 5. To see if the Town will vote to appropriate a sum not to exceed $7,200,000 (Seven Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars), to be expended under the direction of the Town Manager, in consultation with the Concord Middle School Building Committee, for the additional costs to construct a new middle school to be located at 835 Old Marlboro Road, Concord, Massachusetts (present site of the Sanborn Middle School), which amount shall be expended in addition to the amount of $102,816,000 appropriated under Article 1 of the January 20, 2022 Special Town Meeting, for a total appropriation for such project of $110,016,000, including, without limitation, the costs of engineering, design, site preparation, construction, landscaping, paving, furnishing and equipping, demolishing the existing school, construction of recreational fields, driveways and parking lots, and all other costs incidental or related thereto; to determine whether this appropriation shall be raised by borrowing or otherwise; that to meet this appropriation the Treasurer, with the approval of the Select Board, is authorized to borrow $7,200,000 under and pursuant to M.G.L. c. 44, §7(1), or pursuant to any other enabling authority; provided, however, that this vote shall not take effect until the Town votes to exempt from the limitation on total taxes imposed by G.L. c.59, §21C (Proposition 21/2) amounts required to pay the principal of and interest on the borrowing authorized by this vote; or take any other action relative thereto.