Thoughts on Dumpsters and ceiling dandruff

January 19, 2023

I am the parent of a 9th grader and CCHS and an 8th grader at CMS. I recently learned that trash cans and dumpsters are regularly placed in classrooms at Sanborn to catch water leaking out of bulging ceiling tiles (located inches from lights and electrical wiring). Eventually these tiles are removed for obvious safety reasons – but not replaced. 

The ceiling in the gym sheds debris that the kids have affectionately dubbed “ceiling dandruff.”

Even though I hate paying taxes, even though my kids are too old to benefit from a new building, I am willing to pay my share to ensure the health and safety of the students, faculty and staff in our town.

Please show your support for a new middle school.

 Tiffany Thompson Pomeroy

Damon Street