School Committee candidate Carrie Rankin Photo by Betsy Levinson

Concord caucus nominates Howell, Rankin, Reed, and Reiss

By Betsy Levinson
January 31, 2023

At the town election on March 28, voters will elect one moderator, one Select Board member and one School Committee member. Nominations for these offices were made at the annual caucus on Monday night.

Carrie Rankin is running unopposed for another three-year term on the School Committee, while Mark Howell and Karlen Reed are vying for a seat on the Select Board. Moderator Carmin Reiss is running for another one-year term as town moderator.

Mike Lawson was elected Chairman of the Caucus.

Moderator Carmin Reiss seeks another term. Photo by Betsy Levinson

Reiss was nominated by Ruth Lauer and seconded by Anita Tekle.

“Since you are here at the event that begins the new year in local government, you already know that Town Meeting is more than five nights in uncomfortable seats,” said Lauer. “We the people come together to decide to tax, to build, to educate, to light and to pave. This is where the meat of the work that the Town Moderator is tasked to perform occurs and Carmin Reiss has performed so ably for seven years.”

Tekle worked as town clerk for decades, with four different moderators. “It’s a thankless job,” said Tekle, adding the town is fortunate that Reiss continues to serve.

Select Board candidate Mark Howell Photo by Betsy Levinson

For Select Board, Peter Nobile nominated Mark Howell for a three-year term.

He noted that Howell has served on the Finance Committee for six years, and spent eight years heading up the Fiber Broadband Completion Task Force which worked with the municipal light plant to deliver internet service.

“He’s a good listener,” said Gail Hire, who seconded Howell’s nomination. “He finds inclusive solutions.”

Karlen Reed (left) signs her nomination papers with Town Clerk Kaari Tari. Photo by Betsy Levinson

Nominating Reed, Dee Ortner noted three traits Reed possesses: collaboration, diligence and trustworthiness.

“She has an openness to learning,” said Ortner, citing Reed’s years of experience working on town elections. “She is a problem solver.”

Ellen Quackenbush cited Reed’s determination to work collaboratively. “She digs in. She works to move issues to positive action.” Reed is a lawyer who worked in the telecom industry.

Rankin was described as “thoughtful and collaborative,” according to Casey Atkins who placed her name in nomination. Atkins cited Rankin’s “open door policy” town-wide, “not just parents.”

Kate Kavanagh praised Rankin’s work on the ad hoc Concord for Ukraine group, among other pursuits.

“She doesn’t need this,” said Kavanagh, “we need people like her.”

Lawson said anyone wanting to run for office who was not nominated at the caucus has until 5 p.m. on Feb. 7 to pull papers and get 50 signatures from registered voters to be on the ballot. The town clerk has the appropriate forms.