Letter: Help defray tax impact of Middle School  

February 10, 2023

The high school project of a decade ago left many of us cynical about the whole school building process. Voters should know that Dr. Hunter and the new School Building Cmt.  have worked for years to ensure that the middle school process be as inclusive and transparent as possible.

Concord has been kicking the “can” of building a new middle school down the road for almost twenty five years. The costs of proposals never decrease because of delay or inaction. Remember the middle school receives kids from four feeder elementary schools.

First, a vote at Town Meeting required that the new Middle School should be built “Net Zero Energy Ready Standard.” Like all environmentally sensitive projects this requires more of an investment of dollars up-front that are later recaptured during the life of the building.

Second, the added costs due to inflation and supply-line issues are in line with the national inflation rate. There is no reason to believe that Concord is somehow exempt from present economic conditions. 

I am retired and I don’t like paying property taxes anymore than anyone else. Property tax is the most regressive tax and it profoundly impacts seniors and folks living on a fixed income. Past members of the Board of Selectmen set up a fund to which anyone can contribute to help alleviate some of the financial burden. I encourage everyone who can to contribute.

The time to build this school is now. The project will never be cheaper!

Cory Atkins

Former State Representative

14th Middlesex District