Letter: Focus on Concord’s needs

February 16, 2023

I have greatly appreciated the contribution of The Concord Bridge to this community. However, I was dismayed to see the article “Private jet rentals take off at Hanscom” on the front page of last week’s paper. This article was essentially an advertisement for private air travel. There was no discussion of the environmental impact, which is up to 14 times worse than commercial air travel. Ironically, at the same time, the town is debating the cost of the new middle school which includes extensive funds for a net-zero design. Halting private air travel at Hanscom would surely reduce pollution more. 

I believe The Concord Bridge should not be just another outlet for commercial, promotional material. An article about the Tax Relief Fund, as discussed in another letter, or the negative impact of changing interest rates on the affordability of the middle school project, or the Robbins House and its work to bring awareness to Concord’s Black history, would be welcome. Other pressing issues facing the town include the quality of the water supply, affordable housing, and income inequality. Opinion articles should not be the only place I am finding valuable information about the needs and concerns of our town. 

To make Concord a humble and caring community that is welcoming to all, we need to focus on the needs of everyone, not just an expensive school and an airfield for private jets. Does the town of Concord truly want to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive place to live?

Martha Weaver

Monument St.