Letter: Why I will vote for Mark Howell, Select Board

March 9, 2023

Who we elect to the Select Board matters. Let me take a moment, please, to tell you why I will vote for Mark Howell.

I know Mark particularly because of Concord Broadband. The town’s fiber-to-the-home broadband service started, after many twists and turns, from an idea I initiated a quarter of a century ago. Mark, the newly appointed town’s Chief Information Officer in the early 2010’s, had much less funding than usual for a telecommunications startup, heightening the startup risk to the fiscal conservativism of a AAA bond-rated town.

Sitting in Mark’s office at Concord Municipal Light Plant, I appreciated his acumen firsthand. Mark’s considered strategic choices, alongside his day-to-day practical management,produced a vital, special service in town that reached positive cash flow early, and grew, and continued to grow.

Then, after 8 ½ years in the job, faced with a policy dictate that he simply could not endorse, Mark tendered his resignation. This showed a principled foundation that we can only hope to find in all of those whom we elevate to Concord’s highest position.

Finally, when the need arose recently to take his Concord Broadband to the next level, Mark, now as a citizen, stepped up to chair a task force. Meeting almost weekly for nine months, they offered the town a thoroughly specified platform going forward.

From this experience, Mark obviously knows the town in wide detail, both the town offices and schools, and the citizens and businesses, served. Much more than that, he brings seasoned and proven – practiced and practical – judgment. Most of all, he offers us a principled path forward.

I invite you to join me in voting for Mark Howell, Select Board.

David Allen

Heaths Bridge Rd