Mark Howell elected to Select Board

By Betsy Levinson
March 28, 2023

They’re neighbors and colleagues who ran against each other. On Tuesday, one was elected to serve on the Select Board.

Mark Howell outpolled Karlen Reed almost two to one, garnering 1,229 votes to Reed’s 668. Turnout was 1,915, or 14 percent of the town’s 13,617 registered voters for the Select Board race.

The campaign wasn’t acrimonious, it was “between two supremely qualified candidates,” said poll worker Stephan Bader. 

Pam Howell holds a sign for her husband, Mark, along with her gnome, Dusty, alongside Tricia Haut outside the polls. Photo by Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

“They talked to each other before the campaign and will continue to talk to each other,” he said. “That’s what elections are supposed to be like.”

“First and foremost, I’m very thankful to the people of Concord for the opportunity to serve,” said Howell. “It’s an honor to have been chosen. It’s inspiring to me.”

Reed thanked “all those who voted for me and supported me.”

“Mark will have a tough job to do, but I’m sure he will do it well,” said Reed. It was her second run for public office. She also thanked her husband and son, “and it’s on to the next adventure.”

Howell expressed “gratitude to Karlen for running.” 

In uncontested polling, Moderator Carmin Reiss got 1,689 votes for another one-year term, and School Committee member Carrie Rankin received 1,637 votes for a three-year term.

Hagos Tekle campaigns for Mark Howell at the polls. Photo by Jennifer Lord Paluzzi