Learn to play the ukulele at Concord Conservatory — free!

March 31, 2023

Get ready to learn the ukulele, or pick it back up again! Sample a Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM) Ukulele group class and see why the Uke is a fun and popular instrument to learn and play with friends. Sign up for a free trial group class for beginners on Wednesday, April 5 at 6 p.m. for the Ukulele Crash Course. Already have some experience? Uke 2: The Sequel at 7 p.m. will help to hone your fundamental playing skills. These fun and engaging courses connect you to other like-minded musicians in a social and supportive environment.  

Sign-up for your free trial ukulele group class at concordconservatory.org/instruction-programs/

The Ukulele Crash Course offers a fundamental approach to learning the ukulele for students of varied musical backgrounds. You’ll learn the first position notes and chords on the ukulele and about tablature, basic note reading, chord diagrams, and basic strumming patterns. Get ready to learn how to play single-note melodies and basic chords for songs.

If you’re no longer a beginner and ready for a lot of fun while developing your skills, sign up for the Uke 2: The Sequel trial class. You’ll work on movable chord shapes, more diverse strumming patterns, and fingerpicking while playing a range of genres and styles, including pop and folk songs, Irish tunes, and Renaissance music.

The 6-week semester begins on Wednesday, April 5.

For information on the complete list of CCM offerings, visit ConcordConservatory.org, email info@concordconservatory.org, or call 978-369-0010. The Concord Conservatory of Music is the area’s non-profit community music school, located at 1317 Main St. within the West Concord Union Church on the second floor. Financial assistance is available.