It’s not goodbye…

April 6, 2023

There’s a favorite scene of mine in the 1996 movie, Shine. In it, the mentor of the fictionalized David Helfgott is talking to his protege as he is about to go on stage to perform the near-impossible Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 3. The man says simply, “Boldness of attack!”

Over the past year the phrase has been my mantra as I worked with the intrepid board of the Concord Independent Foundation to get this paper off the ground. 

The need for a local news source was evident as other outlets became irrelevant, shriveled and died. But start a new paper from scratch? Could we?

Like most good ideas, The Concord Bridge came together after countless hours of hard work and a little derring-do. The goal was always clear: create a local news source that reflected the whole community with rigorous reporting. Three of us in the newsroom imagined that we could produce a solid product, and we did. The board put their faith in us, as we, in turn benefited from their prodigious fundraising and community outreach.

The future is star-bright for the Concord Bridge as I step down from the editor’s role to write about town finances part time. Though short, my time as editor has been the most rewarding of my career and I’ll be eagerly awaiting my copy every week. 

— Betsy Levinson