Letter: Bans, bans and more bans!

April 27, 2023

At what point do the citizens of Concord draw the line on the habitual hit parade of bans being thrust upon them?

The latest ill-conceived effort introduced in Article 37 seeks (yet again) to ban the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, with false claims that current electric blower technology provides an adequate replacement. 

Concord’s Director of Public Works has stated that electric leaf blowers don’t currently meet the needs of the Town’s “municipal operations.” From this revelation we can conclude that Article 37 will result in higher landscaping costs for the town at the burden of taxpayers.

Landscaping companies have weighed in, explaining that without the use of gas-powered blowers, the costs to homeowners, associations and businesses will double or triple. 

Homeowners who manage their own landscaping will be forced to either buy underpowered electric blowers or commit significantly more time raking leaves each fall. 

Article 37 translates into yet more costs for the citizens of Concord, already burdened with the cost of new schools, new transfer taxes and budget increases for “sustainability initiatives” at a time when inflation is at a 40-year high. How hypocritical given that Concord claims to be desperate to make the town “affordable” to families and seniors.

It’s ironic that the birthplace of the revolution is home to seemingly endless efforts to limit the freedoms of its citizens on their own property! Which bans are next – gas-powered lawn mowers, snow blowers, gas stoves …?

Really care about the environment? Start by weaning yourself off cheap goods from China, the biggest polluter on the planet, that is issuing two new coal plant building permits weekly. Do some research on lithium and cobalt mining as well while you’re at it. The manufacture and disposal of electric batteries are the true environmental culprits.

Vote “No” on Article 37.

Rich Barrett

Old Marlboro Road