Hanging baskets brighten West Concord

By Chris Randall Correspondent
June 2, 2023

“I love when the hanging baskets go up.” Looking down Commonwealth Avenue, West Concord Green Thumbs member Caroline McCloy was admiring the large baskets of geraniums being hung on the light posts.

“This year, we purchased 46 hanging baskets from Cucurbit Farm on Parker Street in Acton. The baskets are one of WCGT’s biggest expenses each year, but it’s what we’re all about and totally worth it.” In addition to the hanging baskets, the Green Thumbs maintain five gardens around West Concord.

Beyond adding a cheerful note to the village’s ambiance, the hanging baskets help build community, drawing different groups together. The Green Thumbs plan, purchase and monitor the baskets. The town of Concord hangs them. Minute Man Arc provides a crew that waters the plants. And business owners support the effort with donations and other forms of support.

Colleen Ratcliffe at Forever Tile was happy to see the baskets go up. “They bring color and summertime to the village.” 

“The baskets not only give a welcoming feeling, but they tie the community together, with gardeners, Minute Man Arc, businesses, and the Town all working together,” said Jen McGonigle of Joy Street.

West Village Tavern’s Sue Beyer said, “People see the baskets and can tell that there’s a real community spirit here in the village.”

WCGT members plant, maintain, and monitor gardens around West Concord. It supports this work through volunteers, membership, and donations. Want to help beautify West Concord or learn about gardening? Consider volunteering, becoming a member, or donating. Learn more at westconcordgreenthumbs.org.