Letter: Scale down size of proposed apartment complex

August 17, 2023

I understand that the town is under state orders to develop new multi-family housing. The town website was difficult to navigate, so I’d like to state here that I and many of my neighbors are concerned about traffic problems, specifically about the plans to build a huge apartment complex at 300 Baker Avenue. 

Right now, it is extremely difficult to get out of Baker Avenue in either direction at rush hours and many other times when the business complex has employees leaving or arriving or the hotel has a meeting that just ended. Traffic exiting Baker Avenue to Route 2 West is often backed up so that only a few cars at a time can get out on a green light. Baker Avenue at Main Street is also slow and often backed up in either direction, exiting onto Main Street to West Concord or toward Route 2  East and Concord Center. 

What is the town planning to do to make this area livable? Do they have some unusual, secret road plan? At the very least, they need to drastically scale down the size of this project to save the sanity of West Concord residents and businesses. It is a nice piece of property, but it does not have to be stuffed full of apartments and cars. What about the proximity to a pond and the river?

Jill Colpak

Concord Greene