Letter: Traffic comments odd reaction to death 

October 5, 2023

I was saddened to read of the death of a young man whose body was found at October Farm Riverfront conservation land (“Police respond to fatality at October Farm Riverfront,” September 22, 2023.) My heart goes out to his family and friends.  

I was also stunned by the segue the reporter made to discussing the comparatively trivial concerns of a resident of Ball’s Hill Road about traffic on the narrow road causing a “rut” outside the pavement, which was accompanied, bizarrely, by a photo of a relatively innocuous tire track. The resident was quoted advocating for an alternate means of access to October Farm, presumably one that doesn’t abut his 20-acre property.  

As a frequent visitor to October Farm, I can tell you it’s rare to see more than a dozen cars in the parking area and I can assure you that the traffic is far less than it would have been had the property been, say, a condominium development, rather than conservation land.  

We are beyond fortunate to live in a beautiful town, replete with natural beauty and historical landmarks. It’s depressing to see the Concord Bridge elevate such a reflexive (and frankly digressive) not-in-my-backyard reaction, especially in the face of a devastating human tragedy. 

Phil Buchanan 

Ridge Road