Concord Museum launches new Contemporary Leaders program 

October 12, 2023

The Concord Museum gathered museum supporters under age 55 last month at a launch event for the new Contemporary Leaders membership program.  

Over 80 patrons of arts and culture enjoyed an evening of music, conversation and refreshments and learned about the mission of the Concord Museum Contemporary Leaders. The Contemporary Leaders are the heart of the Museum’s mission to connect people to Concord’s multifaceted history and its continuing influence on American cultural, political, environmental, and literary life.  

Members of the Contemporary Leaders program will enjoy special-access experiences at the Museum as well as family-focused events, social gatherings and other opportunities to deepen their engagement with the Museum and connect with one another.  

“The Concord Museum is a gathering place of objects, ideas, and friends,” said Allison Shilling, the Museum’s deputy director and director of engagement.  

“The Contemporary Leaders will convene at the Museum for intellectual and social engagement as well as to drive transformative impact in the community. In time, the Leaders’ philanthropic leadership will underwrite exhibitions, programs, commissions from contemporary artists and strategic acquisitions that bring people together and extend our reach into areas of Concord’s history and contemporary culture that have been historically underrepresented.”  

The Contemporary Leaders’ Steering Committee includes Concord Museum Governors Matt Boger and Greg Creamer, Trustees Jason Griswold, Hayley Maybury-Gross, and John Coughlin, plus Chessie Cataldo, Kristen Tahirak Bitterman, and Erica Cohen.