Letter: In support of Ellen Garrison Middle School 

November 24, 2023

We write in strong support of naming the new middle school the ELLEN GARRISON MIDDLE SCHOOL. 

As Tufts professors and co-founders of the Half the History Project, we are committed to bringing the untold and under-told stories of women’s lives to broader audiences. One of those women is Ellen Garrison.  

This past weekend, we were on location in and around Concord, shooting a film about Ellen’s inspirational story in a project done in collaboration with the Robbins House. Our film, “Ellen Garrison: Scenes from an Activist’s Life,” and the podcasts that will accompany it, will help to highlight how a young person educated in Concord grew up to become a dedicated teacher and civil rights advocate who bravely spoke up and spoke out about injustice. Featured on our Half the History website, used by educational institutions, museums and community groups; and entered into film festivals, we anticipate that our materials will help to share Ellen’s story broadly with diverse audiences across the country. 

There are few stories that tell children and young people about how and why they can have agency in their lives more than Ellen Garrison’s. To name a school after her in her hometown would not only be an appropriate tribute, but also one that will teach generations of students to come about the meaning of civic engagement. 

Dr. Julie Dobrow and Dr. Jennifer Burton 

Tufts University