On Sharon Staggers-Moss' last day of teaching at Concord Middle School daughters Candice Woodson and Jackie Moss got her a limo to take her to and from school.

Letter: Name suggestion for middle school was the wrong Moss 

February 10, 2024

I wanted to send a note in response to residents suggesting the new middle school be named after my stepfather, Jerry Moss. While I love and respect Jerry, Sharon Staggers-Moss taught Science at the middle school for 31 years. She has made such a difference at the middle school and in retirement still runs the LEGO Robotics team and the Science Olympiad team at the middle school. After many requests from the CCHS students, she is overseeing the New Science Olympiad team at the high school.  

Again, I love my stepdad, who I affectionately call Jerry Curl. But if CMS should be named after anyone, it should be the best to ever do it at the middle school! My mama, SHARON STAGGERS-MOSS. 
Thank you for your time. I have enclosed a pic of her last day of teaching. My sister, Jackie Moss, and I got her a limo to take her to and from school. 
Candice Woodson