Cobbs will make Concord more welcoming for all

April 5, 2024

I recently attended a coffee to meet Liz Cobbs, a candidate for the Concord School Committee. I am very impressed with her abilities and strongly endorse her. 

Liz reached out to the Concord Carlisle Chinese Club (C4), a local Chinese American community, to meet and hear from us. At the meeting, she heard about our thoughts, experiences, and concerns including declining school ratings, lack of science clubs, lack of acceptance of new immigrants and culture, quiet bullying, and lack of support for after-school Chinese language enrichment classes. Her answers showed that she understands our concerns. Liz has an international background, having lived in Japan and Switzerland. She wants to work with us to make Concord a more welcoming place for all. Furthermore, she agrees that an inclusive curriculum with truth in histories of all racial groups will better prepare our children for the 21st-century global society. 

Another outstanding trait is her business and policy background. Having SMART goals and constantly measuring the results for feedback and improvement. Always willing to ask why and keep asking until the issue is fully understood and resolved. We need more people with her skills and mindset in our elected officials. 

I highly encourage Concord folks to get to know Liz. You can reach her at, check out her website,, or attend one of her coffees. 

Liz’s exceptional background, passion, and values make her the best candidate. I strongly support Liz for the Concord School Committee. Please vote for her on April 9. Your vote will make a difference. 

Shaw Yang 

Caterina Heights