Dane shows ‘genius’ in navigating complex issues 

April 5, 2024

As a Concord “citizen activist” for over 40 years, I have attended far too many Select Board meetings! 

This past year, Select Chair Henry Dane’s performance has been one of the most inclusive for public input I have experienced in Concord. Unlike years past when I waited until 10 p.m. and later to speak or witnessed the public comments time switched around at the last minute during the meeting, Henry has made sure we get our time to speak at the beginning — a gesture of genuine understanding and inclusiveness upon which a democracy thrives. This is so very important for those of us aging citizens who still want to be involved and have a voice in our town’s affairs, which in the end, affects us all.  

Henry’s genuine caring for those of us who so much want to “age in place” in the town we’ve been a part of and given so much to was clearly shown in his craftsmanship to roll up his sleeves, stay fully focused, and successfully guide — from beginning to end — the passage of the residential tax exemption.  

I watched Henry throughout and was in awe of his superb skills and genius in navigating complicated issues our town has faced. It’s no wonder he got into and graduated from Harvard Law School! 

Allow us all the benefit of having Henry Dane, a Concord resident of over 50 years, help steer Concord for his second term of three years. We are so fortunate to have him as a member of our Concord Select Board. 

Our role, as citizens of Concord, is to go to the polls on Tuesday, April 9, Concord’s Town Election Day, and vote to re-elect Henry Dane for the Select Board.  

For more information on Henry, go to www.henry4select.com.  

Mari Weinberg 

Hillside Avenue