Liz Cobbs is uniquely qualified to serve on the School Committee 

April 5, 2024

Liz Cobbs’ experience living in Japan both as a high school student and later for several years handling policy for the pharmaceutical company, Merck, gives her the understanding of being a minority and the sensitivity to work with different perspectives.   

Liz has served on a town committee, the Personnel Board, setting pay scales for town employees, so she understands something of the town’s viewpoint, an invaluable asset in coming to agreement with the town in setting School budget guidelines. 

Liz asks the questions needed to get to a deeper level in understanding the viewpoints of the parties involved to achieve a solution that will work for both sides of an issue.  

Concord schools face several challenges: regaining designation as a top 10 school in Massachusetts, maintaining fiscal balance with the town while staying below the levy limit, achieving inclusion for all students, and environmental sustainability. 

Janet Rothrock 

Annursnac Hill Road