McKennitt will look for creative solutions 

April 5, 2024

On behalf of myself, my wife Yonina, and the entire Goorno family, I am writing to endorse Cameron McKennitt for Concord Select Board.   

Growing up in Concord, we got to know Cameron through multiple avenues. We have many mutual friends, including our neighbors the Gibsons and Cameron’s neighbors, the Saefs.  Cameron is also the same age as my brother Dan — they went through Concord public schools and played sports together and became close friends. My father was a doctor in the Concord medical practice that treated Cameron’s family. 

Through all of these interactions, we came to know Cameron as a thoughtful, energetic, intelligent person who was both a leader amongst his peers and someone who made others feel welcome. Those traits served him well as he built a successful career and returned to Concord to raise a wonderful family. 

Over the course of the last decade, while expanding our Concord-based business, Dan and I have engaged with Cameron on many discussions around important strategic issues. He has a great ability to break down problems and look for creative solutions, which I believe will serve Concord well as we navigate through challenges and opportunities. Cameron has also demonstrated an ability to apply these skills in situations involving public stakeholders and regulators at the local, state, and federal level. This breadth of experience is what we need as we operate in an increasingly complex environment. 

In short, it is the combination of traits — broad yet directly relevant experience, intelligent leadership while also being inclusive, and deep roots and caring for the town of Concord — that make us enthusiastic supporters of Cameron McKennitt’s Select Board candidacy. 

Andrew and Yonina Goorno 

Bartlett Hill Road