Standing for Tracey Marano and Andrew Herchek 

April 5, 2024

I have been a resident of Concord for nine years and we, as a family, chose to make this our home in great part because of the excellent reputation and services offered at all grade levels by our public schools. I love Concord and the community we have found here but, as a parent, and especially as a working parent with younger children, it has been difficult to witness how our school system has been forced on the defensive these past few years. The very real needs of our students were called into question so we made our voices heard to support them, our teachers, and our excellent Superintendent. 

Fortunately, we have strong candidates running for School Committee who are committed to our students first and foremost. As parents, we know that we can trust Tracey Marano to use her experience and dedication for the good of our children’s wellbeing and education. Tracey has done so tirelessly during her first term and will continue doing so when she is reelected. We are also lucky to have the chance to elect Andrew Herchek, a fellow parent with young kids in elementary school, who saw how hard some School Committee members work on their behalf and wants to make a positive difference in our community. Andrew has all the qualifications and the enthusiasm to be a strong and forward-looking asset for our schools, while also a trusted representative of us as parents. 

I urge all my fellow parents to support Tracey and Andrew on April 9. Our children deserve constructive and effective advocates on our School Committee. 

Serena Crosina  

Monument Street