Tracey Marano and Andrew Herchek center students 

April 5, 2024

I set out to write an endorsement letter for Tracey Marano. To explain how extraordinary Tracey is in only 300 words is impossible. A short story, maybe. More like a novel. At this point, Bridge readers have probably heard enough anyway — as the letters for Ms. Marano have dominated the Opinion Page (and not all received have even been published). 

But, after paying attention to the campaign, and listening to voter feedback on the candidates, I recognized that I couldn’t simply endorse only Tracey, and that it was necessary to fully endorse Andrew Herchek as well.           

On the campaign trail, both Andrew and Tracey center students in all discussions. School Committees have direct purview into budgets, school policy, and evaluating the superintendent — and students must be the primary lens through which committee members evaluate each of these things. Voters can be assured that, if elected, Tracey and Andrew will always prioritize the academic success and emotional wellbeing of students.  Because of this, Andrew and Tracey have energized parents in a way I have not seen in years. 

But they also both have parents that live in town, so while pledging to center students, they’re also sensitive and aware of the needs of our senior community. (Side note: my parents, who also live in town, are supporting both Andrew and Tracey).  

This broad support across demographics speaks to what they both stand for: students, cooperation, collaboration, civility. My enthusiasm for these two knows no bounds. Committee work is hard, and Tracey Marano and Andrew Herchek are ready for the challenge.  

Alexa Anderson 

Park Lane