Eclipse watchers at Thoreau. Photo courtesy of the Concord Education Fund

Starstruck: a (safe) look at Concord eclipse 2024

Students across town got a safe view of Monday’s near-total eclipse with the help of protective glasses provided by the Concord Education Fund.

“The Concord Ed Fund feels fortunate to have played a small part in making [Monday] great for all the kids in the district,” said Co-President Jen Perry. 

Here’s a peek at some of our skygazers. 

Photos courtesy of the Concord Education Fund

Charlie Alexander and Alex Baty take in the cosmic show.
Massachusetts didn’t quite reach totality, but young watchers at Thoreau didn’t look disappointed.
Our solar system is truly amazing, judging from these youthful reactions.
Lane Perry, Piper Harden, and Kalina Tufts played it cool.
The ninth-grade class (more to come on this) headed to Vermont to scan the skies.