Making an impact at (or close to) home 

April 13, 2024

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to notice issues that concern us, but it takes time to go beyond observation and take action. It takes effort. This struck me differently during a recent conversation with my daughter about the importance of standing up for our beliefs.  

This conversation catalyzed change for me. Complaining when we encounter something contradictory to our belief system is not enough. We must find our voice and stand up for what matters. This prompted me to explore what Concord Indivisible is doing now.  

What began as a moment at home became a community-driven initiative for me to join Concord Indivisible as the volunteer coordinator. I appreciate how they make it easy for anyone to participate. Some people thrive on joining larger group activities, while others prefer working in small groups. Still, others may not be able to give of their time but want to give in another way. They have ways for everyone in the family to get involved.  

Last month, my family enjoyed a postcard project together at home. Next, we’re organizing an event with friends and our kids to write postcards with information about registering to vote in primary and special elections in key states and share access to voting locations. I value how these projects strengthen community bonds, amplify our collective voice, and involve our children.  

In a world filled with many challenges, our ability to model civic engagement, even at home, becomes a powerful tool for building a better future. Let us inspire our children (and grandchildren) to advocate for change, speak up, and show up for the causes that matter most to them and our community. 

Rachel Krompinger 

Main Street