Thanking Bill Robichaud for Reformatory Branch Trail stewardship

April 21, 2024

A hidden gem in our community, the Reformatory Branch Trail (RBT) shines thanks to Bill Robichaud’s unsung dedication. For over 15 years, Bill has served as the trail steward, volunteering his time and effort preserving its beauty and ensuring it remains accessible for all. His commitment transforms the trail into a welcoming space, perfect for morning jogs, leisurely family walks, or bike rides to school, store, or library.

Bill’s work is vital, especially after storms when he clears away branches and manages erosion and drainage, maintaining a safe and enjoyable path. His fight against invasive plants and his leaf raking keeps the trail navigable and safe, enhancing its natural charm.

Yet, despite his integral role, Bill’s contributions fly under the radar. His quiet dedication means that many are unaware that the trail’s excellent condition is a direct result of his hard work and stewardship. His devotion to maintaining the RBT strengthens our community’s bond with nature and with each other.

So, to Bill, we extend our deepest thanks for your years of selfless service. Your work is a reminder of the impact that an individual can have on enhancing our shared environment.

Linda Nieman and Nate Kemp, Mallard Drive

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Peter and Holly Gallagher, Old Bedford Road


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