Green Thumbs members Tanya Hellman and Anna Kausz select flowers for their Art in Bloom arrangement at the MFA April 26–28. Photo by Marc Masucci

West Concord Green Thumbs handiwork on show at ‘Art in Bloom’

April 22, 2024

By Chris Randall  Correspondent

The botanical handiwork of the West Concord Green Thumbs will be on display at the upcoming “Art in Bloom” exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. 

Green Thumbs members Tanya Hellman and Anna Kausz envision a design brimming with interpretive and artistic expression. 

“We don’t aim for a literal read of a work of art. We evoke it abstractly,” Hellman says. 

Kausz notes that “part of the fun is using the flowers available at the flower market this time of year to interpret our assigned artwork. We do several practice runs and adjust our design accordingly.” 

The Green Thumbs are among 45 floral designers selected for the exhibit.

Viewing of “Art in Bloom” is included with general admission to the museum.

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