Naming middle school for Ellen Garrison could cause confusion

April 24, 2024

To those Concord residents continuing to push for “Ellen Garrison Middle School”:

Ellen Garrison was an admirable woman, but naming a school after her is a bad idea. When students go to “Garrison,” they probably won’t know who Ellen Garrison was, but they may well know a Garrison or two. It’s not an uncommon name. It’s possible a student named Garrison will someday attend middle school in Concord.

The name “Garrison” risks negative associations and/or consequences for a future student at the new middle school. I believe this is enough reason to disqualify it, no matter how admirable its namesake. There are other ways Concord can honor Ellen Garrison that focus on her life, not just her name.

The School Committee correctly chose the name “Concord Middle School.” Let their decision stand.

Amryn Frisch

Elsinore Street