No to Town Meeting Article 29; yes to Article 28

April 24, 2024

We understand some are afraid that, if others see how they vote at Town Meeting, there may be a bad outcome.

But Concordians are not people of ill will. We pride ourselves in taking some care to express the truth as we can see it. In fact, it’s vital that when neighbors may see it otherwise, different from ourselves, then we need to hear that also. So that together we get the best result from what is effectively a marketplace of ideas.

Then, after the debate, we vote together, showing that we do so as one community. We affirm that differences expressed in the vote only serve to make us stronger as a town. The vote crowns the legislative process of ‘disagreeing, agreeably.’ We openly accept the outcome. So we then move on, together.

While we say “no, thank you” to Article 29 and the anonymous voting of clickers, we invite you to expand real engagement at Concord Town Meeting. Article 28 enables bringing in those at home who otherwise could not participate — effectively a “third room” to the two rooms where we already meet at the high school.

David Allen

Heaths Bridge Road