Support Article 40 to plant 250 trees for 250th

April 24, 2024

After years of debate, a 50th anniversary monument to April 19 was finally erected in 1837 at the Old North Bridge. On the anniversary in 1838 the townspeople planted 200 trees at the entrance to the site in commemoration. I have been told a number still survive.

The Concord 250 Permanent Memorial Subcommittee is planning a similar commemoration with their 250 Trees for the 250th Initiative. I can think of no better and more timely memorial. Not only do trees add beauty to our community, they are an important asset in the fight against climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, storing it and in return releasing oxygen into the environment. In addition their shade cools areas where they are planted by up to 10 degrees. 

So I was surprised to learn that the town’s Finance Committee has decided not to recommend funds approved by the Community Preservation Appropriation Committee to Town Meeting for this important effort. Given all that trees provide our community I cannot imagine their rationale. I urge a rejection of the Finance Committee’s recommendation and approval of Article 40, including the funds for 250 Trees for the 250th Initiative.

Dennis Fiori

Strawberry Hill Road

President Emeritus, Massachusetts Historical Society