Concord Bridge Production Manager Jessalyn Frank and her family in garments she painstakingly sewed by hand. Photo courtesy of Jessalyn Frank

Ask a reenactor: It’s not a ‘costume…’

It’s not a costume, it’s a kit — and they don’t come easily if you want to be a serious reenactor.

When I got the chance to march in Concord’s 2022 Patriots Day parade, I couldn’t wait to rev up my sewing machine… which is when I learned that hand-finishing is the gold standard.

How I ever managed to create colonial-style clothing for my entire family is a mystery.

But after weeks of scrutinizing guidelines from and hunting for 100% linen thread, real silk ribbons — don’t get me started on buttons — and period patterns that would fit my toddler, I gained newfound respect for all that goes into celebrating our great history with accuracy.

— Jessalyn Frank