Minute Man National Historic Park. Photo by Maia Kennedy Photography

Concord Museum to celebrate 250th

May 6, 2024

By Beth HermanBeth@theconcordbridge.org

The Concord Museum will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution with a full roster of offerings beginning September 19 and continuing through 2025 and 2026.

These include a series of exhibitions, educational programs, public forums, and the first comprehensive catalog of the museum’s American Revolution Collection.

“For the 250th, we are thrilled to share the stories behind the incredible collections of the Concord Museum that help illuminate the many ways people experienced and shaped the American Revolution,” said Director Lisa Krassner.


Exhibitions addressing pivotal issues of inclusion, hidden history, and battle include:

Embroidered pocket, 18th century. Concord Museum Collection, Gift of Susan Rimbey; 2023.28.1.

“Whose Revolution,” a spring 2025 exhibition focusing on the underrepresented experiences of women, enslaved and free African Americans, and indigenous communities, will investigate the themes of liberty and equality in people’s lives and the role of history and memory in shaping which stories are told.

“Transformed by Revolution,” planned for fall 2025, will explore the little-known history of Concord as a site of refuge during the 1775 siege of Boston and how these events transformed the community.

Spring 2026 features “Remembering the Revolution,” focusing on the legacy of the war in shaping the town’s identity.


A series of forums emphasizing new voices and perspectives on the American Revolution will begin on Thursday, September 19, featuring Cornell University historian and author Mary Beth Norton on her book, “1774: The Long Year of Revolution.”


Highlighting scores of objects illustrating the onset of the American Revolution, the museum will publish a catalog with narrative text by curator David Wood. Featured items include one of two lanterns used as a silent signal of alarm from a Boston belfry.

Shoes, 1770s. Concord Museum Collection; Cos75.27.

Traveling Trunks

A multi-year teacher professional development workshop will reach out to local and non-local teachers and students and create educational resources to tell a more inclusive story of events from 1775-1776.

Additionally, the Traveling Trunks program will expand to place lessons, replica primary documents, and other museum resources in classrooms across the state and beyond, targeting students too far away for day trips. Digital resources for educational programs and teacher resources will further support students in schools and build a digital platform to sustain a larger group of student learners.

The lantern

The museum will offer free admission for visitors to the immersive gallery on April 19, 2025 to view the “One if by land, two if by sea” lantern that hung in the North Church and other historical artifacts of the time. The famous lantern signaled Paul Revere on his midnight ride.