Town Meeting study committee needs ‘thoughtful’ reps

May 9, 2024

We have many citizen activists, and even more Concord voters, who feel like bystanders. In a democratic community what deeply matters to some of us needs to be recognized and considered by all of us. Democracy is messy, and sometimes contentious, but when the will of the majority is clear we put our differences aside and work for the good of the whole community.

However, it is not always clear how decisions should be made, which are best handled by the Select Board or School Committee, who generally will bring the greatest in-depth understanding of an issue, but often are not representative of Concord citizens as a group, or be vetted in committee, then be debated and voted in town meeting by a more representative group of Concord citizens who are less informed about the issues involved, or put to a town wide vote, which is the most democratic, but often least informed group.

I am hoping the new Town Meeting Study Committee will include many thoughtful representatives of all major constituencies and perspectives on our local governance structures and voting procedures. A feeling of belonging is key to healthy community practices, and we need to create policies and procedures that get the work done efficiently while democratically including as many of our friends and fellow citizens as possible. Always be kind. We are all in this together.

Jim Sherblom
Park Lane