School Committee should ‘elevate voters’ wishes’ in naming

May 17, 2024

I’m Phil Villers, Whits End Road, a resident of Concord for over 50 years. I’m here to respectfully voice my opinion about renaming the new middle school.

Going back even before the days of Emerson and Thoreau, to the Revolutionary War, Concord has had a reputation as a home for people who insist on positive change. We are considered the birthplace of this nation — the place where the “shot heard round the world” was heard — as our forebears fought for our democracy.

You are part of that democracy. We elected you to represent us. Now, nearly 1,000 of your constituents — people who helped put you where you are today — want a name change from your original choice. 

You were elected to represent your constituents. The community’s desire voted at the Town Meeting was to request the name change to honor Ellen Garrison, the teacher and abolitionist raised and educated in Concord, who dedicated her life after emancipation to teaching freed people. We ask that you elevate the voters’ wishes over your previously announced preference.

Phil Villers

Whits End Road