Do you still want ranked choice voting? If so, act

May 26, 2024

Thank you for your clear, comprehensive coverage of Concord’s current Ranked Choice Voting dilemma. So many Concordians worked hard to pass RCV at our 2022 Town Meeting — and have asked me during our 2023 and 2024 town elections, “Why aren’t we using RCV?” The answer: State House inaction.

To be able to use RCV for our 2025 local elections, the Joint Committee on Election Laws has to pass our home rule petition favorably to the Legislature for a vote… THIS session. THIS is the time for us to call the Committee Chairs (and our legislators) to urge them to pass Concord’s home rule petition (that has been before them for 2 years).

Concord has a storied tradition of leading democracy. Next year is our 250th anniversary of leading democracy. Let’s be a “laboratory for democratic innovation” in Massachusetts. Let’s lead again!

For more info, contact Danielle Allen’s organization, Partners in Democracy.

Kate Kavanagh

Old Bedford Road